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Please fill out this quick and easy application for staff, We will review your application and get back to you ASAP.

1. Name? Your name is:

2.Experience? What past experience have you had as a staff member?(Write a BRIEF list about your experience):

3.Punishment? What punishments would you give to a person breaking the rules or spamming?

4.Reputation? Do you have a good reputation with Euphoria? (No griefing or disrespecting staff?)

5.Veteran? How long have you been with Euphoria? (Are you a Euphoria Veteran?)

6.Donator? Have you ever donated to us? (At least $5)

7.Why do you think you should be picked for staff?

8.Plugins? Do you have experience with plugins such as Regios and BigBrother?

9.Do you hate Xanxth? (If no then you will not be chosen)

10.DO YOU GRIEF!? (Be honest!)


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