Application for [Jr. mod] centaia

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Application for [Jr. mod] centaia

Post  centaia on Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:19 pm

1.Age/In-game name/Real name?

2.Junior Moderator or Moderator?
Junior Moderator, since you got to start somewhere Very Happy

3.What experience with being part of a server's staff do you have?
i am an owner of a classic/beta server, and i am use to dealing with tense situations such as a high rank griefer or a person such as xanxth.

4.Would you be able to donate? If so would it be monthly?
Untill i get a job i would not be able to donate but that would mean i would be active and capable of moderating the server

5.If you encountered a chat spammer what would you do/
Chat spammers use modding software and disrupt the game so they get an insta-ip ban hammer smacked in their face.

6.If you encountered a griefer what would you do?
griefers only get banned if they grief a protected area, if they grief a persons construction in the wild that wasnt properly protected they are okay.

7.Tell me something good about yourself.
i am a good MC builder, and i wouldnt mind doing some projects in game Very Happy

8. How long have you been playing minecraft?
i have been playing minecraft for a little under a year now

9.Do you know all the server rules? If so state our policy on Chest Raiding, Be careful, only answer if your 100% sure.
If the chest doesnt have a lockette the contents are up for grabs.

10.How long have you been playing on our server?
i have been playing since the start of summer so almost 2 months now x.x

11.Do you have any suggestions for our server?
More playing interaction, such as Capture the flag games and spleef arena, etc Very Happy

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Re: Application for [Jr. mod] centaia

Post  centaia on Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:28 am

1. Name? Your name is:
Centaia, Adam

2.Experience? What past experience have you had as a staff member?(Write a BRIEF list about your experience):
Co-owner (same rank as owner) for a classing and SMP called Superspy's epic freebuild ( for proof)
i am known as The joker on the forums
and i used to play classic all the time so, i am very used to moderation (catching griefers and helping others)

3.Punishment? What punishments would you give to a person breaking the rules or spamming?
This all depends on the rule they are breaking;
caps rage = kick for the first time, and/or mute.. then you listen to their discussion.
griefing = ban.
moding = insta-ip ban.
4.Reputation? Do you have a good reputation with Euphoria? (No griefing or disrespecting staff?)
i am know as a very great builder Very Happy with lots of money x.x, the staff should know me by now and i never get angry towards them unless there is a reason... *caugh caugh* xanx *cough*

5.Veteran? How long have you been with Euphoria? (Are you a Euphoria Veteran?)
about 2 months

6.Donator? Have you ever donated to us? (At least $5)
i have not and might be able to in the future

7.Why do you think you should be picked for staff?
i am very active, enjoy playing, and would wish to continue so in a benefit to all the other players ingame hoping that they dont rage and quit.

8.Plugins? Do you have experience with plugins such as Regios and BigBrother?
i do since i joined this server, and i can easilly look up guides to using them.

9.Do you hate Xanxth? (If no then you will not be chosen)
hate is the most severe understatement.

10.DO YOU GRIEF!? (Be honest!)
with honesty, i only grief in the event that the rules will allow me to, I.E: they built a house in the wild and the door is locketted but the property isnt.


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